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Tractis Identity Rate (TC)
Identity Verification (for each verification) 0.05
Tractis Signatures Rate (TC)
Creation and edition of templates 0.00
Creation of contracts from templates 0.00
Contract Signature using Basic Clickwrap (for each signature) 1 1.00
Contract Signature using Advanced Clickwrap (for each signature) 2 1.15
Contract Signature using OTP device (for each signature) 3 1.00
Contract Signature using Electronic Certificate (for each signature) 4 1.00
Contract preservation (for each contract preserved and month) 5 0.01
SMS (for each SMS sent) 0.15
Tractis Webservices Rate (TC)
Signature validation (for each validation) 3 0.08
Time stamp (for each stamp) 0.03
Item storage (for each insertion) 5 6 0.01
Item preservation (for each item preserved and preservation) 0.01
Item recovery (for each recovery) 0.00
Item removal (for each removal) 0.00
Tractis Hardware Rate ()
Tractis Slim Reader 16.52
1 Signatures using Basic Clickwrap are free for clients with an active monthly subscription plan.
2 For reference purposes, the Rates for Signatures using Advanced Clickwrap include both, the cost of the clickwrap and the cost of one SMS.
3 The use of OTP signature devices requires prior configuration for each client.
4 See the list of Tractis supported certificates.
5 The 'Contract Preservation Rate' applies from the 5th year of signing the contract onwards.
6 An additional +0,001 will be added to the Tractis Webservices Storage/Preservation Rate
for each KB above 1024 KBs.
* These prices do not include VAT.
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How can I use Tractis Services?

First you have to buy Tractis Credits and, then, you can spend those Credits at the Rates shown for each of the services.

What are "Tractis Credits"?

Tractis credits or "TC " are the currency of Tractis. Think of Tractis as a car and the TC as gasoline you need to move it.

How much does Tractis Credit cost?

Each Tractis Credit (TC) costs 1 (plus VAT). In other words, 1 gets you 1 TC, with 10 you get 10 TCs, etc.

What if I run out of credit?

The operation you were attempting to complete will not take place and we will send you an email to inform you of the situation and how to add Credit.

Can I use my Credit for different services?

Yes. Your Credit is not tied to any particular Tractis service. You can use it in Identity, Signatures and Webservices interchangeably.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

In Tractis there are no long term contracts or retention commitments . You can leave and return Tractis whenever and as many times as you want.

Is there a cost per number of users or API Keys?

No. All the monthly subscription plans offer unlimited users and API Keys. Tractis only charges for use (transactions made).

Is it mandatory to contract a plan to use Tractis?

No. Our "Prepay Account" lets you use Tractis without monthly fees. You pay for use and you only add the Credit you will be using.

Why should I contract a plan?

The monthly subscription plans offer you up to 30% cheaper rates, free signatures using Basic Clickwrap, and unlimited users and API Keys.

Is it possible to get even better Rates?

Yes, but only for customers with a large volume of transactions, with an "Enterprise Plan" and willing to buy "Credit Packs" (from 2,000).

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, simply cancel your current plan and contract a new one.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, but you will be responsible for all charges incurred prior to cancellation. We do not give refunds or prorate for partial months.

What if one month I consume all the TC in my plan?

You can buy additional Credit to the Credit your monthly plan gives you. This additional Credit is spent according to the Prepay Rates. All additional credit not spend in one month is saved for the next.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and, for amounts above 1,000 , bank transfers.

Your data is safe

We have a redundant server cluster protected by motion detectors and 24 hours CCTV. Our code and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall. Each front-end node has firewall software running within the operating system. All accounts in Tractis include SSL encryption, not only in sign up, but throughout the entire session. We have VPN connections for those customers requiring them.

Your processes are guaranteed

Tractis is Certification Services Provider accredited by the Ministry for Industry of Spain, in all categories it operates: Semantic validation, time stamping and Long Term Archiving. In signature validation, Tractis satisfactorily exceeds 100% of the tests established by "NIST PKITS – Path Validation Testing Programs". In time stamp generation Tractis uses Hardware Security Modules and secure time sources and exceeds 100% of the "JNSA CPKI-Test Suite 2.0".

Any other questions before creating an account?

Contact us and we will inform you.