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Customers in seconds. Paperless, no delays. Same efficacy as a handwritten signature

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From Plug & Pray to Plug & Play.
Electronic Signatures that really work

Forget buying paper, cursing printers for running out of toner, licking stamps, " finding time" to go to the mailbox, despairing in waiting for letters, opening envelopes, fighting with staples, digging through folders and files, the email volleyball, versioning nightmares and endless negotiations. At last, the "I send you two copies and you return me one" is over.

Tractis Signatures allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts (creation, negotiation, signing and administration), 100% online, paperless and with full legal validity.

Create contract templates

Automate your contracting processes and save time by reusing contract templates created by you or by third parties.

Negotiate and sign online

Invite the Parties, negotiate, comment, attach and compare versions. Sign easily, paperless and with full legal validity.

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