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Tractis Contracts lets you manage the entire life cycle of your contracts 100% online. Create, negotiate, sign and manage your contracts easily and intuitively, paperless, without delays and with full legal validity. From 1 per signature.

Your signature needs vary (and evolve) by product, channel and target customers. Your signature solution should suit your needs. Not vice versa. It should allow you to choose among different signature methods and different assurance levels. After all, why use only a hammer, when you can enjoy all the toolbox?

Multiple signature methods

Contracts Icon 01Sign using Basic Clickwrap, Advanced Clickwrap (SMS), OTP, KBA, handwritten digitized, touch screen, mobile devices, electronics certificates... You choose.

Multiple assurance levels

Contracts Icon 01Each signature method offers different assurance levels. Tractis classifies each method according to the criteria of Stork, NIST and AGIMO and help you to choose.

The largest certificate support

Contracts Icon 01Enjoy the broadest certificate support available in the market: 77 certificate profiles from 14 countries in all browsers and operating systems.

The largest global SMS coverage

Contracts Icon 01With access to over 990 mobile networks in over 220 countries, Tractis allows you to sign using advanced clickwrap with more than 80% of the world population.

DNIe without drivers

Contracts Icon 01Tractis is the only platform in the market supporting DNIe APDU commands. In Tractis, your customers can sign with their DNIe without installing drivers.

Free FNMT validation

Contracts Icon 01Enjoy free validation of electronic certificates issued by the FNMT. No annual fees. No fees per transaction. No commitments.

Trusted third party

Contracts Icon 01Tractis acts as a neutral node, independent of the parties, both in the generation and the archiving and preservation of electronic evidences.

Free Basic Clickwrap

Contracts Icon 01Get free unlimited clickwrap signatures with any plan. Ideal when you need maximum convenience and minimum assurance level (TS 1 - Minimum).

Advanced certificate management

Contracts Icon 01Set up the list of allowed certificates for each contracting process. Filter by Certification Authority, country, format or assurance level assigned.

Hot swapping

Contracts Icon 01Change the settings of your signature gateway, in real time, without paying for each change, without interrupting your campaign or re-deploying in production.

Participants and permissions

Contracts Icon 01Invite multiple teams and participants. Set different permissions for each person: administrator, editor or reader, signatory or not, visible or not.

Unlimited attachments

Contracts Icon 01Attach as many files as you want (10 MB maximum per file). All the documentation for each contract perfectly organized and in one place.

Version comparison

Contracts Icon 01Tractis automatically saves your version history. Compare different versions. Go back to a previous version or lock the current version.

Comment history

Contracts Icon 01Write public or private comments for each version. The log of versions and comments lets you understand how the negotiation has evolved.

Multichannel alerts

Contracts Icon 01Learn about new comments, updates and signatures to your contracts instantly. Configure your email, SMS and RSS alerts, both at account and at contract level.

Customization in seconds

Contracts Icon 01Integrate our signature gateways in your website or application, transparently and in 5 minutes. Just upload your corporate logo and colors.

Easy integration

Contracts Icon 01To integrate Tractis Contracts, choose the method that best suits your needs and skills: from simple HTML buttons to powerful APIs.

Unlimited gateways

Contracts Icon 01Create as many contracting gateways as you want. Configure each gateway with its own signature methods, allowed certificates, alerts and workflows.

High Availability

Contracts Icon 01Tractis Contracts uses Erlang, a programming language for mission-critical systems that require concurrency, fault tolerance and non-stop operation.

Unlimited scalability

Contracts Icon 01Tractis can create clusters of application servers with extreme ease, offering a quasi-linear scalability to the infrastructure used.

Unified control

Contracts Icon 01Tractis Contracts lets you manage from a single central console, all your contracts, whatever their country, channel, process or signature method.

Unified billing

Contracts Icon 01All plans include unlimited users. Each user manages their contracts but all expenses are grouped into a single account.

Physical security

Contracts Icon 01Our redundant server cluster is protected by presence detectors, around the clock CCTV, water or fuel leaks and fire protection.

Logical security

Contracts Icon 01Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall. Each front-end node has firewall software running within the operating system.

Zero lock-in

Contracts Icon 01We respect format, data and communication protocols standards. In Tractis, your data is yours and you can take it away whenever you want.

Accredited service

Contracts Icon 01Tractis Contracts is accredited by the Spain Ministry of Industry as a Certification Services Provider for Semantic Validation.

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