Tractis Templates

Automate the creation of your contracts

Tractis Templates allows you to automate the creation of contracts using reusable templates. You just have to create your template and specify the details of the contracts that will be generated from it.

Creating and customizing contracts is one of the heaviest commercial tasks there is.
Can you imagine your customers doing it for you? Simply define, once, the text, fields, signature methods and workflows of your template and let your customers do the rest. No more "find and replace" in Word. Put your contracts on autopilot. It's free.

Variables support

Contracts Icon 01Create and organize easily your templates customizable fields (name, address, money amount, etc.). Complete the data manually or via API.

Unattended customization

Contracts Icon 01Each Tractis Template auto-magically generates a form with all the neccesary fields for each client to customize their own contract.

Total control

Contracts Icon 01Define in fine detail each contracting gateway that will be created from your templates: their functionalities, signature methods, allowed certificates, etc.

Workflows in seconds

Contracts Icon 01Create workflows easily and without programming skills: emails alerts for signatures, redirections to confirmation pages, etc.

Template libraries

Contracts Icon 01Cannot find what you need in your Private Library? Reuse the shared templates in the Tractis Public Library or in your Account Business Library.

Advanced search

Contracts Icon 01Quickly find the parts you need to build up your contract. Search and filter templates by free text, labels, author, language or jurisdiction.

Zero lock-in

Contracts Icon 01We respect format, data and communication protocols standards. In Tractis, your data is yours and you can take it away whenever you want.

Free unlimited templates

Contracts Icon 01Create, edit, share and invoke as many templates as you want. Tractis Templates is a completely free service. You pay just per signature executed.

Simple integration

Contracts Icon 01Integrating a Tractis Template is as easy as adding a button to your website. Each click on the button will create a contracting gateway from your template.

Powerful API

Contracts Icon 01To integrate Tractis Templates, choose the method that best suits your needs and skills: from simple HTML buttons to powerful APIs.

High Availability

Contracts Icon 01Tractis Templates uses Erlang, a programming language for mission critical systems requiring concurrency, fault tolerance and non-stop operation.

Unlimited scalability

Contracts Icon 01Tractis can create clusters of application servers with extreme ease, offering a quasi-linear scalability to the infrastructure used.

Physical security

Contracts Icon 01Our redundant server cluster is protected by presence detectors, around the clock CCTV, water or fuel leaks and fire protection.

Logical security

Contracts Icon 01Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall. Each front-end node has firewall software running within the operating system.

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