Long Term Archive

Preserve electronic evidences

The Tractis Long Term Archive (LTA) lets you preserve any kind of electronic content indefinitely. Unlike WORM preservation systems, based on physical protection measures, the Tractis LTA ensures integrity through protection measures based on logical timestamps chains.

Think of a safe capable of proving mathematically that its contents (documents, code ...) have not been altered since they were stored, resistant to the passage of time and to advances in technology. From only 0.01 per month of preservation.

Automatic re-stamping

Contracts Icon 01Before the expiry of the certificate used in the last time stamp, Tractis LTA applies a new time stamp. No human errors or oversights .

Unlimited preservation

Contracts Icon 01Guarantees the preservation of your content, indefinitely, even if the sub-adjacent cryptographic algorithms have been compromised.

Agnostic content

Contracts Icon 01Contracts, source code, multimedia creations, ... you decide. The LTA preserves any file format as a string of bits.

Probative value

Contracts Icon 01By guarantying the integrity of your electronic evidence, you can retrieve and use them in case of eventual disputes among the parties or in expert processes.

Store and forget

Contracts Icon 01Just store your content and forget. When you recover it, we will give it back to you along with all protective measures applied.

Categorization to your taste

Contracts Icon 01Defines the metadata that later will allow you to categorize and recover easily all your electronic evidences.

High Availability

Contracts Icon 01The Tractis LTA uses Erlang, a programming language for mission-critical systems requiring concurrency, fault tolerance and non-stop operation .

Unlimited scalability

Contracts Icon 01 The Tractis LTA can create clusters of application servers with extreme ease, offering quasi-linear scalability to the infrastructure used .

Unlimited API keys

Contracts Icon 01Create as many API Keys as you like. Model different use cases. Isolate and group traffics and consumptions, without the need for multiple accounts.

Unlimited changes

Contracts Icon 01Adjust and configure your APIs to satisfaction. Unlike other with providers, in Tractis you never pay for configuration changes, just for use.

Unified control

Contracts Icon 01Tractis Webservices lets you manage from a single central console all your validation services, time stamps and preservation.

Unified reporting

Contracts Icon 01Control your consumption in real time and transparently for each of your API Keys, the different types of transactions and Tractis Webservices invoked.

Multiple users

Contracts Icon 01All Plans allow for multiple users. In this way, each department manages their APIs but all expenses are grouped into a single account.

Multiple languages

Contracts Icon 01The Tractis LTA is available in ​​multiple languages. Work with your technical team, partners and customers, regardless of where they are or what language they speak.

Physical security

Contracts Icon 01Our redundant server cluster is protected by presence detectors, around the clock CCTV, water or fuel leaks and fire protection.

Logical security

Contracts Icon 01Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall. Each front-end node has firewall software running within the operating system.

Zero lock-in

Contracts Icon 01We respect format, data and communication protocols standards. In Tractis, your data is yours and you can take it away whenever you want.

Accredited service

Contracts Icon 01The Tractis LTA is accredited by Spain's Ministry of Industry as a Certification Services Provider for Long Term Archiving.

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