¿Cual es tu modelo de negocio?

The term “business model” has bothered me for a long time. I have always found it to be a glib method of characterizing a company’s relationship with its various constituencies, e.g., customers, suppliers, competitors, etc. The problem isn’t really the concept. The problem is that it’s a complex, multidimensional structure that doesn’t really lend itself to a summary sentence, at least not if you really want to understand the business.

Peter Rip, Venture Capitalist

Business Model by Peter Rip.png

Por David Blanco
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David Blanco
25 de Agosto de 2006 a las 8:22 pm    

Update: Bueno, en realidad, esta diagrama es la versión compleja y aburrida. Para los que tengais prisa recomiendo este otro de Wired bastante más fácil y probablemente más efectivo:

It’s a productivity site that uses Ruby on Rails and Ajax to do buying/selling in a social network. We call it Tractis.

¿Qué tal suena?. ¿Mejor, no? :P

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25 de Agosto de 2006 a las 10:44 pm    

Sin comparación :P

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