And the Glider goes to…

Here are the winners of the second edition of the Glider prizes!

The first lucky one with a prize of 1000€ and chosen unanimously by his colleagues is Ernesto Jiménez, who was also honoured in the first edition. I’ve found it very hard to write this part, since it’s complicated to list his achievements given that he touches everything. He has been responsible for much of the ‘cleaning’ that is being done inside Tractis, principally adding helpers to unify the user interface and simplify tasks for the designers. However, lately his work has shifted to the resdesign of the Tractis architecture. His colleagues have also emphasised his proactivity when the brown stuff hits the fan! If you need a programmer awake at 5 in the morning, he’s your man. In fact, right now, while I’m writing this post, he’s pestering me on GTalk. :-)

The second prize, also worth 1000€, goes to David Calavera. In the first edition, David was on the point of winning a prize despite his late incorporation into the project. This time, he’s demonstrated his worth especially in one of the most unappealing but critical parts of the project – the digital signature Applet. (Who wants to program in Java when you can do it in Ruby?). For visiting the gloomy part without passing to the dark side, this prize is for him.

Finally, and for the first time, we’ve decided to divide the prize chosen by the employees into two prizes of 500€. The lucky ones are José Gordo, who also won in the first edition and Juanjo Bazán. José Gordo keeps doing an exceptional job keeping our production and development environments up to date as well as investigating alternatives for deploying the application in distributed environments. For his part, Juanjo has developed loads of functionality in Tractis such as the user preferences and a lot more code that, whilst not yet ready for production, will be fundamental to the business.

While he has not received a prize, since he joined the project half way through development of the second release, Luis Miguel Cavallé deserves a special mention. He worked very hard to ensure the application was ready for release and, since the day he joined the project, has been one of the most active collaborators.

Congratulations to the winners!

By Manolo Santos
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[...] And with the difficult task of starting off, we have Luismi Cavallé, one of the latest and keenest Negonators to sign up. Proof of this is the special mention that he received in the latest Glider prizes, despite being on the team a short time. We’ll leave you with him. If you like what you see, take a look at his blog “Putting it together” (RSS), full of “delicious” posts about the art of programming. [...]

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