Functions in “Tractis Beta Negotiation and Signature”

“Tractis Beta Negotiation and Signature” will enable individuals and SMEs to negotiate contracts and digitally sign them via the web. Some of the functions we are working on for 31 July are as follows:

  1. Creation of negotiation groups
  2. Permit configuration
  3. Online contract editor
  4. Change control
  5. Draft history
  6. Version comparisons
  7. Creation and import of templates and standard clauses
  8. Public and private comments
  9. Email alerts and RSS
  10. Online validation of digital certificates via CRLs and OCSP.

We would like your input. Is anything excessive or missing? What functions do you believe should be given more priority? Is there anything that you have always thought would be wonderful which you don’t have right now when negotiating and signing contracts? Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

By David Blanco
Saved in: Tractis | No comments » | 23 June 2006

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