Glider Awards, 4th Edition: José Gordo becomes “Glider Hacker” for the second time

Although somewhat late, I am happy to announce the winners of the 4th Edition of the Glider Awards (December 2007).

The Glider Awards are the awards Negonation gives its most valuable collaborators. What’s new to this edition is that all awards have been decided by the Negonation staff (vs. collaborators votes in past editions). This comes in response to a strategy that we have been following since mid last year in order to decrease the number of collaborators and increase the intensity of the collaboration with a few.

The first winner, with an award of 1000 €, is José Luis Gordo Romero. José Gordo is a regular winner of these awards: he already received recognition in past editions and, this time, he’s won first place again, being the first collaborator in Tractis history who has received the title of Glider Hacker twice (the first time being in the first edition of the Awards). Over the past few months –actually, since the beginning of the project–José has been helping us on a regular basis with system administration, server configuration, server certificates, DNS administration, back-ups, etc. Working with him is a real pleasure. He is professional, competent, and honors all of his commitments. Tractis wouldn’t be the same without you, José!

The second Glider Award, also worth 1000 €, goes to Choan Gálvez. We met Choan through Diego Lafuente, our Creative Director. Choan is a true magician of javascript and the creator of Protomean–the contract editor used in Tractis. In addition to handling himself really well in the, poorly documented, javascript world, Choan is an enthusiast of short stories and board games.

Despite not receiving a prize in cash, a special mention goes to Tatiana Nubiola, our linguistic guru, guardian of the style guide and enthusiast of the Academy of the Spanish Language and its dictionaries. She is responsible for most of the English translations and copy choices you see in Tractis. This makes Tatiana the first collaborator awarded with a Glider that (1) is a woman, (2) lives abroad (NY State, for those of you who were wondering), and (3) doesn’t program a single line of code. Tatiana is proof that you don’t need to know how to program to be a hacker.

Congratulations to the winners!

PS I apologize for the late post, I promise to post sooner next time. :-)

By David Blanco
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