Improvements to Advanced Clickwrap Signatures: SMS sender customization & High Availability

We recently announced the launch of signatures using Advanced Clickwrap. Advanced Clickwrap is a new signature method that allows you to sign on Tractis by introducing the PIN received on your mobile phone and pressing the “OK” button. In other words, for each advanced clickwrap signature Tractis links that signature with the signer’s email address and mobile number.

At the request of Tractis users we have been working on several improvements to this signature method that we present below.

Now you can customize the SMS sender of your message with the name of your company or service. So, instead of “Tractis”, the SMS messages will show up as sent by you. The personalization of the SMS sender is free and very simple to perform. Just fill in the “pin_sender” field on the Create contract API call. You have up to 11 alphanumeric characters. To avoid phishing problems this functionality requires prior activation. Send us an email to describing your use case and requesting activation.

We have improved the infrastructure for sending SMS to offer high availability. In the unlikely event that our primary provider for sending SMS (SMS Gateway) crash down, Tractis will automatically re-route all SMS to a secondary SMS provider so that your service or application does not experience any service disruption. This procedure is followed for all SMS sent, without losing at any time the coverage of 990 mobile networks in more than 220 countries and continuously monitoring of all outgoing SMS messages to act promptly in case of failed or slow delivery.

We hope that you find these new features useful. For any additional suggestions or ideas for improvement, we are all ears.


By David Blanco
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