Tractis expands its SMS coverage to over 990 mobile networks in more than 220 countries

Until now our ability to send SMS was restricted to Spain. From today on this expands to over 990 mobile networks in more than 220 countries. This represents a potential reach of 6 billion mobile phone users, more than 80 percent of the world population. For a full list of networks and countries covered, you can visit the new list of supported mobile networks in Tractis.

Currently Tractis uses SMS messages for verifying your mobile number as a pre-step to sending you free alerts of activity in your contracts (new version, new signature, etc..). Today’s extended coverage of mobile networks, from one country to hundreds, does not imply any change in prices. It does not matter whether you are in Iceland, Lesotho, Saudi Arabia, Tonga, Angola, Martinique, Bhutan, Mongolia or Greenland. The SMS alerts from your contracts will not cost you a penny.

It is our intention to extend the use of SMS through the platform to enable new features, both via web and via API. Today’s announcement is a preparatory step in that direction. As always, we stick with and will continue adhering to a policy of reusable parts, pre-integrated services and open APIs, as a key factor for the fast and low cost launch of new services. You have our commitment that you will be able to enjoy any of the mobile networks supported by Tractis in each and every one of our current and future services.

By David Blanco
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