Cremades & Calvo Sotelo to collaborate in the design of Tractis Premium

The Agreement

Cremades & Calvo Sotelo and Negonation have signed an agreement to collaborate in the design of Tractis Premium (btw…I’m really thrilled to announce this!). Cremades & Calvo Sotelo is one of the most prestigious Spanish law firms, a “delicatessen” group of 50 highly specialised lawyers whose practice in new technologies and telecommunications is internationally recognized. The agreement was signed in “The Digital Office” (photos), a novel leading initiative by this firm, designed to fuse the latest in technology, architecture, automation and ergonomics. The objective is to make the employee’s life easier, create a space in which productivity and quality of life are maximised.

Cremades & Calvo Sotelo will legally advise Negonation in the design of “Tractis Premium“, the most complete version of our service which will include advanced functionality such as multilateral negotiations, file encryption, locking documents at team level, multiple document negotiation and semantic validation of signatures (DNIe – Electronic Spanish ID card – included). From the Negonation point of view, the agreement with Cremades is an excellent opportunity to get very valuable legal advice in the complicated intersection of law and technology and, at the same time, a challenge. Cremades will put Tractis to work in situations where confidentially is critical and the value of the transactions is in the order of millions of euros.

The Reasons

Tractis is aimed at web designers, programmers, lawyers, translators, integrators, consultants, companies on the net, journalists, estate agents, agencies, individuals and professionals that offer and acquire products, services and content over the Internet… we want to become your standard for reaching online agreements. We’re conscious of the fact that we’re a recent start-up and that there’s a “mental barrier” that we need to overcome. Obviously, it couldn’t be any other way: We all take our respective businesses very seriously. Our reasoning is the following: “If we’re capable of demonstrating that the most prestigious companies confide in Tractis to perform high value transactions, we will dispel any doubts and win your business”.

I couldn’t be happier to announce Cremades & Calvo Sotelo as the first law firm to use Tractis. Their philosophy, focus, mentality, resolute attitude, attention to detail…they’re the perfect partners. They are a brave company that leads by example and backs up their ideas with actions. Many talk of being at the leading edge of technology to give better customer service or of the importance of treating employees well to increase their productivity. Cremades has spent 3.5m euros. They’ve transformed their head office into a place where you want to work, that feels like home. On a personal level, my most sincere thanks to Javier Cremades, Guillermo Medina, Oscar Prieto and, especially, Miguel Larios for taking a chance on us and making this collaboration possible. We will be equal to the challenge.

By David Blanco
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