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Thanks from the Tractis Team Announcements, Business, Tractis 23 April 2018
Tractis ceases operations: Next steps & Important dates Announcements, Business, Tractis 20 February 2018
Tractis closes its doors Announcements 20 February 2018
Tractis offers free validation of FNMT certificates Announcements, Business, eID 6 July 2016
Tractis Migration to Amazon Web Services Announcements, Tractis 5 October 2015
Tractis launches real-time support for Enterprise Plans Announcements, Tractis 24 August 2015
Tractis launches consolidated multi-account billing for Enterprise Plans Announcements, Tractis 15 July 2015
Certification of identity attributes in your Tractis Public Profile Announcements, Tractis Identity 8 July 2015
Improved privacy control of your Public Profile Announcements 17 June 2015
Tractis Identity Verifications Plugin for WordPress Updated (version 4.2.2.) Announcements, Tractis Identity 26 May 2015
Tractis launches support of FNMT certificates in the retail market at wholesale prices Announcements, Business, eID, Tractis 11 November 2014
Improvements to Advanced Clickwrap Signatures: SMS sender customization & High Availability Announcements, e-Signatures, Tractis Signatures 30 September 2014
Tractis launches a new signature method: Advanced Clickwrap Announcements, Tractis Signatures 9 July 2014
Tractis expands its SMS coverage to over 990 mobile networks in more than 220 countries Announcements, Tractis Identity, Tractis Signatures 24 June 2014
Improved Authentication and Signature Processes for the DNIe 2.0 Announcements, eID, Tractis Identity, Tractis Signatures 22 April 2014
Cofidis chooses Tractis for signing loans electronically Announcements, Tractis Signatures 5 March 2014
Support for the Camerfirma citizen certificate Announcements, e-Signatures, Tractis 3 September 2013
New Tractis Templates website Announcements, Tractis Signatures 28 May 2013
Tractis Contracts adds automatic validation of ID numbers Announcements, eID, Tractis Signatures 21 May 2013
ECIJA and Tractis join forces to develop new solutions Announcements, Legal, Partnerships, Technology, Tractis 23 April 2013
New Tractis Contracts website Announcements, Tractis Signatures 21 March 2013
The Tractis website now available in English Announcements, Tractis 26 February 2013
Translation of Tractis Terms and Policies into English Announcements, Tractis 28 November 2012
This day is called the feast of Crispian Announcements 25 October 2012
Get free readers with your monthly subscription Plan Announcements, Tractis, Tractis Hardware 11 September 2012
Tractis Reader Packs: get readers free with every purchase Announcements, Tractis, Tractis Hardware 9 August 2012
Tractis ProBono, free services and readers for startups Announcements, Entrepreneurs, Tractis, Tractis Hardware 6 June 2012
Equifax and Tractis join forces to launch innovative instant loan solution using DNIe Announcements, Business, Partnerships, Tractis 21 May 2012
Tractis opens its doors in Brazil Announcements, e-Signatures, Tractis 8 May 2012
Tractis incorporates the Recognized Personal Certificate Profile from Signe AC Announcements, e-Signatures, Tractis 28 March 2012
Tractis new Terms of Use come into force Announcements, Tractis 8 December 2011
Tractis ProBono, free services and readers for political initiatives Announcements, Tractis, Tractis Hardware 2 December 2011
Welcome to Tractis Store, Tractis official store Announcements, Tractis Hardware 11 November 2011
Tractis new Terms of Use Announcements, Tractis 8 November 2011
Tractis launches Credit Packs Announcements, Tractis 4 November 2011
Tractis launches monthly subscription plans Announcements, Tractis 2 November 2011
The Central Electoral Board responds to MiFirma’s complaint: We will accept the signatures if you provide a verification system on your own [N20] Announcements, e-Signatures, Justice 10 October 2011
Presentation of Tractis at Suscipe Announcements, Conferences, Entrepreneurs, Tractis 22 April 2008
Glider Awards, 4th Edition: José Gordo becomes “Glider Hacker” for the second time Announcements, Glider, Tractis 19 April 2008
The new Tractis start page Announcements, Design 6 April 2008
Tractis opens its doors in Belgium Announcements, e-Signatures, Tractis 17 March 2008
Caixa Galicia chooses Tractis for digitally signing contracts Announcements, Clients, Tractis 12 March 2008
Spain breaks through the 3 million electronic ID cards barrier Announcements, e-Signatures 11 March 2008
Ernesto Jimenez wins the February 2008 Rails Hackfest Announcements, Hacking, Programming 2 March 2008
HTML emails in Tractis Announcements, Design 25 February 2008
New Spanish Electronic Contract Legislation Announcements, Legal 11 February 2008
Tractis technical decisions: Signature Creation Component Announcements 4 February 2008
Tractis wins a Yahoo Web Revelation award 2007 in the ‘Finance and Employment’ category. Announcements, Tractis 18 January 2008
Tractis in PC Actual Announcements, Tractis 9 January 2008
Plugin for searching Tractis public templates Announcements, Internet, Tractis 8 January 2008
Happy New Year! Announcements, Technology 31 December 2007
Happy New Year! Announcements, Technology 31 December 2007
Launch of Tractis Identity Services Announcements, Tractis 26 November 2007
Conferencia Rails Hispana – Spanish Rails Conference – 2007 Announcements, Conferences, Programming 19 November 2007
New offer: Add 20 € credit to your Tractis account and receive a free smart card reader Announcements, Tractis 12 November 2007
Launch of ACME: Demo site for the Tractis API Announcements, Programming, Tractis 5 November 2007
A preview of the Tractis API Announcements, Identity, Programming, Tractis 31 October 2007
New functionality in Tractis: Import and export of templates and contracts Announcements, Tractis 26 October 2007
New functionality in Tractis: “variables” in templates and contracts Announcements, Tractis 22 October 2007
Tractis opens its doors in Spain Announcements, Tractis 10 October 2007
Negonation creates “SEC”, a committee of experts in IT law, arbitration and digital signatures Announcements, Tractis 20 April 2007
David Calavera runs away with the 3rd edition of the Glider Awards Announcements, Glider, Tractis 14 April 2007
Democracy is ill Announcements 9 April 2007
Codemart, Beluga Linguistics and Negonation join together to promote FIT Announcements, Programming 21 February 2007
Cremades & Calvo Sotelo to collaborate in the design of Tractis Premium Announcements, Business, Tractis 9 February 2007
Appearances aren’t deceptive! Announcements, Design, Tractis 2 February 2007
Merry Christmas! Announcements 25 December 2006
And the Glider goes to… Announcements, Glider, Tractis 18 December 2006
Glider Awards – 2nd edition – December 2006 Announcements, Glider, Tractis 15 December 2006
Launch of Tractis 2.0 Beta Announcements, Tractis 11 December 2006
We’re back Announcements 2 December 2006
Communication Breakdown Announcements 13 November 2006
Launch of “Negonation Blog – English version” Announcements 8 November 2006
The final program of the Spanish Rails Conference 2006 is finally available Announcements, Conferences, Programming 5 November 2006
Testing, testing, testing Announcements, Tractis 4 November 2006
Tractis releases a new workflow, alert and modal windows system Announcements, Design, Programming, Tractis 25 October 2006
Negonation Update – 7 September 2006 Announcements, Programming, Tractis 7 September 2006
Tractis releases a new contract editor engine Announcements, Programming, Tractis 6 September 2006
Ruby on Rails workshops in Madrid Announcements, Conferences, Programming 20 August 2006
Negonation Update – 19 August 2006 Announcements, Tractis 19 August 2006
Glider Awards: Congratulations to the winners Announcements, Glider, Tractis 14 August 2006
Glider Awards – 1st edition – August 2006 Announcements, Glider, Tractis 8 August 2006
Negonation Update – 7 August 2006 Announcements, Entrepreneurs, Tractis, Venture Capital 7 August 2006
Negonation Update – 31 July 2006 Announcements, Tractis 31 July 2006
One application fits all certificates. Announcements 24 July 2006
First month of the Negonation Blog Announcements, Blogging 22 July 2006
Blog update Announcements 21 July 2006
Negonation Update – 16 July 2006 Announcements 17 July 2006
Justice for Internet Announcements, Justice 27 May 2006