New Tractis Contracts website

At Tractis we started by offering electronic signature for contracts, we went on to identity verification, next we added electronic certification services in the cloud and then solutions for the massive deployments of smart card readers.

As the number of services we offer increases, it becomes increasingly evident the need to organize them so we can communicate, as clear as possible, the value of each service.

The main page of our new website offers you a summary of all our services. You will see there that each “Product Family” and each “Product” have their own section.

Today we are launching the new website for Tractis Contracts. There you will find a wealth of additional information, both in English and Spanish, about our most veteran service. From a description of the main characteristics, to a tour describing the most important features, different integration methods to add Tractis Contracts to your website and pricing.

Homepage of the Tractis Contracts website

We encourage you to visit and share with us any questions or suggestions for improvement.

By David Blanco
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