Tractis Contracts adds automatic validation of ID numbers

Most on-line contracting processes comprise three steps:

  1. Users introduce their data on a form.
  2. Users review the contract form customized with their data.
  3. Users sign and send their application.

In processes involving signing with an electronic certificate, it is often required to check that the ID number entered on form matches the ID number stored in the certificate used for signing.

Until now, such testing had to be performed manually. Starting today, Tractis enables this check to be performed in a completely automatic fashion. If the numbers do not match, signing is not allowed and the user receives an error message.

In short, it is now much easier to ensure that the person signing is the same person for whom the contract has been customized.

To use this new functionality, just add a new parameter, called “validate_cert_dni_attribute” to your Tractis Contracts API call to “Create contract”.

Automatic validation of ID numbers works not only for the Spanish DNIe, but for all certificates supported by Tractis.

By David Blanco
Saved in: Announcements, eID, Tractis Signatures | No comments » | 21 May 2013

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