Ernesto Jimenez wins the February 2008 Rails Hackfest

Ernesto Jimenez, Tractis lead software engineer has just won the February 2008 Rails Hackfest. In addition, Juanjo Bazán, negonator and frequent collaborator, reached an excellent 5th place.
Rails Hackfest is a monthly event that recognises developers that contribute to improve the core Ruby on Rails code, a framework that we use in the development of Tractis. The value of the contributions is calculated using a points system and the highest in the table receive prizes. In this case, Ernesto won free entry to this years RailsConf in Portland, Oregon.

Rails Hackfest is a worldwide competition and this recognition is a (further) demonstration that in Spain and Europe in general, we have talent of the highest order.

Our most sincere congratulations to Ernesto and Juanjo. It’s an honour working with you both.

By David Blanco
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