Launch of “Negonation Blog – English version”

Negonation Blog is available in English as from today (RSS). If you use and your browser’s default language is Spanish, you’ll be redirected to the Spanish version. To change the language manually, you can use the links on the top menu. In the future, we plan to link the individual posts so that, if you’re reading a specific post and want to change the language, you can go directly to that same post.

Belén Aguiar, a native English translator and one of the latest negonators to join the project, has translated all the previous posts of the Spanish blog and will translate the new ones into English, generally within 24 hours of the Spanish version. Belén is doing an excellent job, judge for yourselves, and, most importantly, it’s a pleasure to work with her (Muchos thank yous: Belén). She is now helping us to revise Tractis’ copy in English and becoming familiar with Pootle, the tool we’ll use to manage the different languages.

For those of you who visit the blog directly (not through RSS), this announcement is not a surprise. In the last few days, you’ve already seen the link to Negonation Blog – English. In fact, we already advanced this in the comments section of the Spanish version . However, we didn’t want to announce this “officially” until everything was ready and completed. Even though we did this half-secretly, there are already over 10 people subscribed to the English version and some of you have already voted us for The BOBs as an English blog!! (I imagine for next year’s edition). Whoever thought of the idea, thank you very much. A very nice gesture.

We need more translators to provide Tractis in French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, you name it. So, come on!

By David Blanco
Saved in: Announcements | 2 comments » | 8 November 2006

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Gravatar de Nick

8 November 2006 at 10:01 pm    

I’m glad that it’s now official. I’ve been reading some of the backlog posts and they’re great. Since my Spanish is not that good, I understand some of the posts a lot more now. I was wondering when I will receive my beta invitation since I signed up a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully it will be soon.
Yes, I admit it, it was me. I nominated Negonation for The Bobs! I sent them a letter saying that they should also have awards for blogs that are translated and they told me that they’ll think about it. So, who knows? Maybe next year there’ll be an award for translated blogs!

Gravatar de David Blanco

David Blanco
8 November 2006 at 10:25 pm    

Hi Nick,

We’re working hard to get the next version of Tractis ready. After that, we’ll sending out more invitations.

Thank your very much for the nomination!. Hope to keep it up.

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