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Yesterday I debuted as a blogger. I was (and am) freaked out. The truth is I’ve always been more of a lurker. I hardly ever participate in discussions even though I read everything and keep an eye on everything. So much so that some negonators (Roberto, Israel…:P) call me “Uatu” in honor of the Marvel hero with clairvoyance and clairaudience powers and cosmic awareness beyond all scale. Although I suspect that it’s because how pigheaded (both physically and figuratively speaking) I can be (I hear laughter in the background).

The thing is I asked some of the most distinguished bloggers I admire to give me an opinion: Diego from minid, Enrique from El Blog de Enrique Dans, Mariano from Denken Uber and Nacho from Microsiervos. Diego read my first attempt and kindly answered: “it smells of business propaganda“. Just what I didn’t want. Don’t look for the post, I’ve left it for another rainy day. He also made other comments which I will include here because he’s right and they could be useful for other wannabe bloggers like myself:

Firstly, the post should reflect something you’re concerned about. You’re the one who’s writing it. However, when reading it, it doesn’t look like the person is annoyed. That’s the point of blogging: to talk about your own things as openly as possible.

(…) continue naturally. Don’t expect compassion from readers, many will even know more than us.

(…) Obviously, blogging is itself a personal act. No matter how hard publishers have tried to switch this to the publishing world, it doesn’t appeal. It’s not a question of spelling but of talking: whoever talks better will attract more people.

Nacho and Enrique confirmed what I already knew (“too long“) but they encouraged me sufficiently as to start anew.

In blogs, as in most other things, brevity is a virtue which often even the most experienced bloggers lack (including the three from Microsiervos ;-) ). Time and practice of course help a lot.

Therefore, time and practice. I’m sure I’ll achieve it, when I get something into my head…(laughter again).

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By David Blanco
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