I’m a bastard

I’m a bastard. I have absolutely no clue why people can ever think otherwise. Yet they do. People think I’m a nice guy, and the fact is that I’m a scheming, conniving bastard who doesn’t care for any hurt feelings or lost hours of work, if it just results in what I consider to be a better system.

Quite frankly, I’d rather weed out the people who don’t start being careful early, rather than late. That sounds callous, and by God, it is callous. But it’s not the kind of “if you can’t stand the heat, get out the the kitchen” kind of remark that some people take it for. No, it’s something much more deeper: I’d rather not work with people who aren’t careful. It’s Darwinism in software development.

Because I’m a bastard, and proud of it!

Linus Torvalds, on debuggers

By David Blanco
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[...] Users complained that the editor gave them a “strange feeling”. They couldn’t explain it but it was something they were not used to. Our objective was that they could edit contracts 100% online, forgetting about their word processor. If the editor gave them a “strange” feeling, we were running the risk that they would not use Tractis or that they would continue to use Word or OpenOffice and then cut and paste the text in Tractis. Unacceptable. We had to change the focus and make substantial changes. Even if this meant throwing away the code and hours of work. [...]

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