Improved privacy control of your Public Profile

Each Tractis user has a Public Profile. Here is mine.

As the name suggests, the Public Profile is visible for everybody, whether they have a Tractis account or not, whether they are logged in or not.

So far, the main function of the Public Profile has been to provide information about you and your activity to other Tractis users. Just click on the name of another user (on a template, a comment or a contract) to see their Public Profile. Since all the information in the Profile was public, users not wishing to share some personal detail, simply did not add it to their profile.

We have a number of ideas to make of your Tractis Profile a more powerful tool. Some have been in the oven for quite some time. In preparation for the launch of these new features, starting today you can control separately the privacy of each and every one of the details in your personal and professional information (name, photo, address, company, position, etc.). Simply select whether you want some data to be “Public” or “Private” in your Profile. For example, you can choose to share only your name, or your name, photo and all your professional contact details or any other combination. It’s up to you.

In other words, you can now fill out your complete Tractis Public Profile without the fear of sharing too much information. Simply choose what data you want to share and which not. By default all your data is private and it is made public only if you so decide.

By David Blanco
Saved in: Announcements | No comments » | 17 June 2015

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