Certification of identity attributes in your Tractis Public Profile

After the improvements in privacy control in your Public Profile, we launch the certification of identity attributes in your Tractis Public Profile.

When we say “identity attributes” we refer to the various pieces of information in your Tractis Public Profile. Name, surname, sex, age, nationality, telephone …they are all identity attributes, i.e., attributes that define your identity. Perhaps we could call them simply “personal data“. However, your Tractis profile contains both personal and professional data. We believe that “identity attributes” is a more precise designation.

From “alleged” to “certified” identity attributes

Until now, all the identity attributes in your Tractis profile data were “alleged” by you. A third party had no way of knowing whether the information revealed (alleged) by you was true or not. This ignorance can lead to distrust in electronic commerce scenarios and in some cases prevent the transaction from being finalized.

Starting today, you can certify your identity attributes, so that third parties (e.g., a prospective buyer) may be confident that the information in your profile is true.

Certified identity attributes supported

We have begun by supporting the certification of the following attributes:

  • Personal information: Name, surname and ID Number (e.g.: Spanish DNI).
  • Professional information: Mobile phone number.

Certification methods for identity attributes

The certification method depends on the identity attribute you want to certify. In the case of:

Just visit your profile, click on the “Verifications” tab, select the attribute to certify, click “Certify” and follow the instructions.

Certification freshness and re-certification

The certification date of an identity attribute is important. A potential buyer may trust your mobile number if it has been certified within the last two weeks but wary if the certification was made more than 6 months ago (you might no longer have that mobile number). For this reason, beside each certified identity attribute, we indicate the “Freshness” of such certification, i.e., the date it was made and, therefore, the time passed since.

Should you, or a third party, consider it has been too long since the certification was carried out, you can re-certify an identity attribute. Just press “Re-certify“, complete the certification process and your identity attribute will be certified dated today.

Certification assurance Level

Not all certification methods provide the same assurance level. In other words, the method used for certification has an effect on the strength of the electronic evidence generated and their eventual use in court. Tractis assigns a “Tractis Score” (assurance level) to each certification method. You can see the Tractis Score assigned to each certification made simply by looking at the colour of the certification button. To summarize:

  • Grey: Identity attribute not certified.
  • Red: Tractis Score 0. Zero assurance level.
  • Orange: Tractis Score 1. Minimum assurance level.
  • Yellow: Tractis Score 2. Low assurance level.
  • Blue: Tractis Score 3. Substantial assurance level.
  • Green: Tractis Score 4. High assurance level.

For more information, simply move your mouse cursor over the certification button.

Beta and next steps

This feature is in Beta. For the duration of the Beta, certifying identity attributes is free, so it may be a good time to improve the “quality” of your Tractis Profile ;)

We want to start taking small steps, to learn and sort out the problems and smooth off the rough edges that can arise during the certification process, to receive your suggestions and keep on expanding gradually the functionalities available and the number of identity attributes that you can certify in your Tractis Profile.

Comments are welcome.

By David Blanco
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