Tractis launches consolidated multi-account billing for Enterprise Plans

Throughout the summer we plan to make several launches aimed at large companies.

We start with consolidated multi-account billing, a new feature that lets you redirect spending from several Tractis accounts to just one.

Here’s an example. Suppose you work in a large company and want to use some Tractis electronic certification services (identity verifications, electronic signatures, time stamping, preservation of evidences, etc.) at different departments, divisions, products or companies in the group. On one hand, you want to group all spending on a single bill and, on the other hand, you want to maintain separate individual account management so that each account continues having its own configuration, administrators, users, gateway management and logo and colors customizations.

The consolidated multi-account billing allows you to achieve exactly that.

You just have to tell us the main account for redirecting spending (Master Account) and the accounts (Slave Accounts) you want to make use of the credit in the Master Account. We will make all the necessary settings for you to enjoy the advantages:

  • Simpler: A single bill for multiple accounts.
  • Better prices: By combining the spending from several accounts into one, you can achieve higher transaction volume discounts.
  • Increased customization: Each account is still run independently (configuration, users, customization, etc.).
  • Greater control: Only the Master Account Administrators have access to transaction and spending reporting from Slave accounts.

We believe that this new feature will prove extremely useful for large companies, central purchasing departments and software subsidiaries that provide services to multiple divisions, departments, products and companies in the group.

Consolidated multi-account billing is available only to Tractis clients under a monthly Enterprise subscription plan.

By David Blanco
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