Tractis launches real-time support for Enterprise Plans

Throughout the summer we plan to make several releases aimed at larger corporations.

Following the launch of unified multi-account billing, this week we announce real-time support. As the name suggests, this new feature allows you to contact directly and in real time, with the technical and business staff assigned to your Tractis account. All communications are made using Slack and

About Slack

If you do not know about Slack yet, you not know what you are missing. A powerful instant messaging tool, extremely easy to use, that allows group chats, file sharing, advanced search and integration with more de 80 third party services. A month ago, Slack announced 1.1 million daily active users. No exaggeration to say that they have burst into the world of business communications.

One day we will write a post explaining how Slack has transformed the Tractis team daily work and increased our productivity. For now, suffice to say that it has become our communications hub, integrated with all our internal work tools (task management, CRM, helpdesk, file sharing, monitoring, alerts, log management, code repositories, etc.)

About allows you to share channels among different Slack teams. Even if your company has its Slack team and Tractis its own, both can share a communication channel.

In other words, while technically Tractis and yours are two different companys, in practice, thanks to Slackline, you have access to the Tractis team with the same full set of features as the rest of your project teammates. Directly from your internal communication center and in real time. Actually, it is as if Tractis was another member of your team – which is just what we want to become.

Live support is available in Beta, for now, and only for customers with a Tractis Enterprise monthly subscription plan.


Slack in standard form, as we use it in Tractis, is free, with additional functionalities for paid plans. If you want to give it a try, use this link to create a Slack Account and get a free $100 credit (only until September 30, 2015). If you finally decide to hire a paid plan, Tractis will receive another $ 100 credit. With or without the referral program, we would recommend Slack without hesitation. is a service created by Blanca Alvarez and Ernesto Jimenez, former negonator extraordinaire. Some of their clients are Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Harvard … and now Tractis. With or without the shared past of Tractis with the Slackline founding team, the possibility of becoming a member of your clients teams seems a most intriguing proposition, worth a try.

By David Blanco
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