Tractis Migration to Amazon Web Services

Over the last month we have completed the migration of the Tractis infrastructure to the cloud.

Until now, all services provided by Tractis run on our own machines at the Acens data processing center (DPC) in Barcelona. From now on, all Tractis services will be hosted on Amazon Web Services, the world leading provider of cloud computing services. The only exception to our migration to the cloud is the Tractis Time Stamping Authority (Tractis TSA), which will continue to run on our own Hardware Security Modules (HSM), now housed in one of Claranet data processing centers in Barcelona.

We expect a number of benefits from this migration, including: minimal latency times for end users, greater speed of service delivery, easier management, high availability across all Tractis infrastructure components, better disaster recovery and extreme scalability in storage and processing. All of this while Tractis keeps on providing our services in strict compliance with Spanish and European data protection legislation. Our European customers can be confident that Tractis uses exclusively Amazon Web Services DPCs located in the European Economic Space.

The complexity of the infrastructure to migrate, the large number of services provided, the customers in production and the legal implications, have made this move a non-trivial task. This migration is the culmination of several months of work, thoughtful planning and careful execution. However, it is just another step in our goal to evolve the Tractis services infrastructure from various monolithic applications to micro-services.

We have updated the Tractis documentation and policies to reflect these changes. Special mention deserve the Tractis Terms of Use, the Tractis Time Stamp Policy, diverse parts of our Help section, the data protection agreement entered by AWS Europe and Tractis and, lastly, our annual audit on data protection.

By David Blanco
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