Negonation Update – 31 July 2006

Today is D Day

Wow! What a week! We’ve been working days and nights to complete “Tractis Beta Negotiation and Digital Signature“. As we promised, it will be ready today and we will have met the first milestone in our schedule for this year :D :

  • Tractis Beta Negotiation and Digital Signature – 31 July
  • Tractis Beta Contract Administration – 31 September
  • Tractis Beta Dispute Resolution – 31 December


During August we will include new functions (which we are polishing) practically every day. Here’s an example :) :

Share the Love.png

Of all the functions we planned to include, only one will not be added: “Creation and import of templates and standard clauses”. The thing is that, once we get an in-depth view of that subject, it will give us a lot of work. It has grown so much that it has become a module in its own right and will be called “tractis-library”; it will enable people to add contracts, label them, share them under Creative Commons licenses (or any other licenses created in Tractis ;) ) and sell them… but all in due time.

Beta invitations

We are putting the final touches. We will open the doors in a few hours. In the first week, we plan to invite 50 people. In the second week, we will invite a further 100… increasing the number every week until we reach all of you who have subscribed. Your feedback will be very valuable to improve Tractis. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

By David Blanco
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