Negonation Update – 7 September 2006

We’re approaching the 2nd milestone: Tractis Contract Administration

We are launching a new version of Tractis on 30 September. Below are some of the functions that we are working on:

  • New lock and version system (auto-saving)
  • Complete X.509 XAdES support for Windows and GNU-Linux
  • Internationalization of emails and application
  • Improved Participant and Signature interface
  • Deletion of contracts and cancellation of negotiations
  • Library of templates and clauses
  • Connections between users and negotiation groups
  • Issue of bills linked to contracts
  • Accounts for professionals and companies
  • Payment platform
  • etc.

Hopefully there’s time for everything. Instead of waiting until the 30th, we will put the new functions for beta testing as soon as they’re ready. As shown by experience, this is the most intelligent thing to do.

Improved blog

We’ve made some changes in the blog. We’ve added a top menu which links to Tractis and we’ve included the search by author as suggested by Moisés Casado, one of our readers. If you want to see all the posts of one of our negonators, just click on their name in the left-hand column. We’re adding links to a new section, Getting started with Internet Governance, and we will shortly have Professor Manuel Lucena as a new guest blogger :) .

We appeared in the written press

Last weekend we appeared in El Mundo (Saturday 2nd) and Expansión & Empleo (Sunday 3rd). The article is called “Buenas ideas y Capital inteligente” (pdf) and talks about several projects, their search for financing, and the aid received from various business schools. Although I don’t share some of the article’s conclusions, I would like to thank Ana Colmenarejo, journalist at Expansión & Empleo, for a very entertaining interview. By the way, the photo that was used in the article was taken by Wicho from Microsiervos during the WebDosBeta conference in October 2005. Now that I think of it, Albert, Victor, Enriquewill there be a new WebDosBeta in October 2006? It would be fantastic.

By David Blanco
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