Tractis launches Credit Packs

Two days after introducing “ monthly Subscription Plans “, today we announce the official launch of Tractis “Credit Packs”.

What are Credit Packs?

“Tractis Credits” –or, simply, CT- is Tractis virtual money. Think of Tractis as if it was a car and the CTs as the gas you need to run it.

Credit Packs” give you the opportunity to acquire large quantities of Tractis credit while enjoying discounts of up to 45% on the Standard Prepayment Fees.

Credit Packs are available only to accounts already using the Enterprise Plan. In other words, contracting an Enterprise Plan -our most powerful plan- is a must requirement to receive the heavily discounted fees that the Credit Packs provide.

Plans vs. Packs: what is the difference?

The difference between Plans and Packs is in the type of Tractis Credit they provide. Whereas the “Plans” provide recurring “Monthly Credit” that has to be spent within the month, Credit Packs provide open ended “Additional Credit”, without an expiry date and that can be spent over several months once your account exceeds its monthly credit allocation.

As always, your credit -be it “Monthly” or “Additional”- is not tied-in to any particular Tractis service. You can use them in IdentitySignaturesWebservices indistinctly.

If you seldom reach the Monthly Credit limit in your Plan, it is better for you to continue with your current Plan and, in the rare occasion, pay for the extra transactions at Tractis Standard Fees. Having said that, should you one day be in a situation where your transaction volume is rising steadily and you are exhausting your Monthly Credit regularly, then you should move first to a higher Plan. Only if you are already in our top Plan, the Enterprise Plan, and you are running out of credit frequently, then, and only then, considering buying a Credit Pack would be the right thing to do.

As you will see, the Packs are addressed to large businesses with large transaction volumes that, once they use up their Monthly Credit, wish to continue enjoying heavily discounted Tractis fees.

What Credit Pack is right for me?

If you already have an Enterprise Monthly Subscription Plan, Tractis offers 4 different Packs. In ascending order:

Unlike Prepay Accounts and Plans that may be cancelled at any time, acquiring a Credit Pack represent some longer term commitment to the Tractis platform (eventually until all the Credit bought has been used up). Such longer term may be years, as it obtains from dividing the number of transactions in the Pack into number of your yearly transactions that go over the ones allowed by your Enterprise Plan.

Therefore and given the money amounts involved, a Credit Pack purchase has to be evaluated carefully. If you value more your freedom than the discounts offered, we recommend staying with the smaller Packs (Bronze and Standard). If you are sure that the Tractis platform satisfies and will continue satisfying your current and future electronic certification needs and you want to optimize your fees, we recommend opting for the higher Packs (i.e.: Silver or Gold)

Let’s talk

We at Tractis are at your disposal to study your use case with you. Send us an email to including:

  1. A brief description of your needs;
  2. Type of transactions you require (Identity verifications, electronic signatures, validations, time stamps and/or preservation of electronic evidences); and
  3. Estimated volume of transactions (daily, monthly or yearly).

On our side, we pledge to get back to you within 24 hours with a full report giving all the metrics needed to reach the best decision, including, among other, discounts applied on Standard Fees, transaction volumes involved, number of Packs needed per year, total cost for the first year, and average cost per year.


By David Blanco
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