Tractis new Terms of Use

On December, 8th, 2011, Tractis new “Terms of Use” will become effective. We want to give you 30 days advance notice of the impending change, so you have ample time to review the new Terms.

Why this change?

Current “Tractis Terms of Use” have been in force since March 2008. In the past twelve to eighteen months many changes have taken place that have to be accommodated for. Among other, new services, functionalities, supported certificates, consumption modes, billing, use cases, service provision reorganizations, user feedback and the coming launch of new services.

Why 30 days notice?

Paragraph 1.2 of currently in force “Tractis Terms of Use” states that:

When an update of these Terms shall involve a substantial change of the same, you shall be notified at least 30 (thirty) days in advance by publishing a notice on your Activity Summary page ( in Tractis. If, in addition, you would like receive an email advising you of a Substantial Change, you can subscribe to this option on the Alerts preferences ( of your Account.

Paragraph 1.2 defines a Substantial Change as:

A change in the Terms of Use that diminishes your rights or increases your responsibilities.

We do not consider that the new terms that we announce today diminish your rights or increase your responsibilities as users. Quite to the contrary, in fact. As mentioned above, we think they give you greater flexibility and more options, services, functionalities, consumption modes, etc. Notwithstanding this, the changes in the text are so extensive (almost a complete rewrite) that we have decided to treat them as a Substantial Change.

How will the change take place?

The current Tractis Terms of Use will be applicable until the new ones become effective on December 8th.

As stated in the Terms of Use, we have sent an email to all those persons that had indicated in their Alerts Preferences that they want to be informed of changes in the terms of use, and we have included the following notice in the Activity Summary page of all Tractis users:

Furthermore, we decided to announce the change also in our blog (this post that you are reading), in our Twitter and, coming the 8th of December, we shall display to all users as they open a session on Tractis a page informing them of the coming in force of the new Terms and requesting their acceptance as a prerequisite to continue using Tractis services.

Should you have any questions or comments on the new Tractis Terms of Use, or their process for becoming effective, please, do not hesitate to inform us. You may leave a public comment on this post, in the comments to the new Terms section, or send a private email to

Remember: December 8th

By David Blanco
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